Adventures in Showering

So it was a Saturday, not too long ago, when VJR decided to celebrate her birthday. The birthday was also not too long ago, so this made perfect sense.

I had left the same VJR mere hours before after a trip to the knitting store (no, that wasn't supposed to rhyme). Excited about the new project and the fabulously fallish weather, I went out rollerblading. At dusk. So of course, in the fading light, I failed to notice the twig in the road and went right down. Now, I'm scrappy, so of course I got back up and finished the circuit.

Once home, I decided it would unacceptable for TQ to stay late at work. It was Saturday! So I texted her:

Dude, you'd better leave work on time. It's Saturday! I'm showering now, when I get home you'd better be here.

Then I looked at my knee, and texted TQ again:

Um, could you pick up some gauze and band-aids on the way?

I scraped up my knee 9-year-old style. And my elbow a little. I'm hoping for a righteous scar. It's been a week and the elbow is fine and the knee is totally healing. I'll keep ya posted.

So showering took a bit of time.

TQ got home and delivered the medical goods. So I bandaged up the knee before it could ooze on too much, while we watched some Prisoner (see previous post).

TQ needed to rant, so I offered to join her in the shower (ew, get your mind out of there it's dirty. The shower curtain is opaque; I was sitting on the toilet) so that she could rant and clean at the same time (ooh, time-saving!).

So I decided to further time-save, as we were already looking to be rather late, by having dinner (cereal with milk) in the bathroom with the cleaning and the ranting.

This is where the trouble started.

As per usual, there was no hot water. So TQ, covered with soap, was wet and cowering in the corner and ranting. I needed something, so I put the bowl on the top part of the toilet and got it, and when I sat back down I knocked over the bowl, breaking it and spilling cereal and milk all over the floor.

So with the bandaged and painful knee I had to somehow kneel on the floor and reach around behind the toilet to clean up broken porcelean and TQ is trying to rinse off without freezing her arse off. This part goes surprisingly smoothly.

But of course, neither of us has clean clothes. Again, we're scrappy, so this wasn't too big a problem. Bending my knee in jeans wasn't the most fun thing, but we arrived at the party with perfect timing--just as BSom was getting there too! We RULE!

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