totally rad

so this past weekend, with the help of mattio, i realized just how non-radical my life got lately. mostly i blame having too much work to have the energy to care about anything. work is crazy because it's advertising. thus, i blame capitalism. it all comes full circle. or... something.

i guess it really started with last week being a crappy one work-wise. so that's where i was coming from.


friday night i went to see the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, NYC's radical street band that i was going to join over the summer. i failed to do so before work became crazy again (hm, i sense a theme), so now the goal is january. but it turns out scarlisle is in the RMO, as is mattio's roommate ricky, whom i'd met at bsom's birthday party, and with whom i'd discussed the RMO, which he was joining at the time (again, full circle. another theme). this makes mattio and myself groupies, apparently. well, that and the part where we went and hung out while they all warmed up. so then we headed over and watched Drunkest Band Ever play the end of their set, then ask where the Infernal Noise Brigade was (speaking of which, did y'alls know they broke up? back in july), before continuing to play so that they had to be cut off so RudeMO could take the stage.

then, they played Bella Ciao! then they played Decepticon, complete with the dance! and awesome new lyrics! about bombs! and motherfucking wargames! i'm so "trying out" for this band as soon as possible.

Freegan Bike Workshop

so then on saturday, mattio showed me the Freegan Bike Workshop. it's this warehouse-type space full of clothes, in the back, and found bike parts in the front. so we set about building me a bike. it was mostly not very successful, but i got my hands all greasy and learned a couple of things about bicycles. one day we'll make it back and finish me one. it'll be pretty awesomely not matching. then i can cover it with stickers and such, perhaps.

so maybe i should ask for a bicycle helmet for christmas (hint hint ::cough:: mom ::cough::), the kind that's safer than my old one as wearing a helmet does increase one's chances of getting hit by a car (but it also increases your chances of surviving said collision, and increases my chances of feeling safe and secure). oh and an NYC-sized lock. but not the kind that could be picked with a bic pen. do they still sell those?

so now i need to do all of my christmas shopping, and i'm not in a very consumerist mood. and, i'm still busy with work (work theme, and full circle theme, making a theme theme, which just caused this post to implode)

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  1. The Infernal Noise Brigade broke up????

    Oh no, now there's *definitely* not going to be a revolution.