It's that time again...

bsom has once again removed me from his blog links, meaning it's been far too long since I posted. I guess lots of big serious life stuff has been happening, which seems a bit too heavy for a blog. Also I forget a lot.

So here's my shoddy attempt at summarizing, somewhat sarcastically and/or sardonically, these big serious life! things that have distracted me. As per usual, I'll use my acclaimed bullet-point style.

  • Getting a Master's Degree!
    I've certainly posted since starting my Master's, but I'm not sure if I've talked about it. Rather than getting really fascinated by the plethora of fascinating but ultimately economically useless subject matter (Politics of Food in Film!), I went to school with a career in mind. It just sort of happened. So I'm learning how to be a computer scientist. It is the family trade, after all.
  • Getting an internship!
    I'm working at Google for the summer. I have a magnetic ID badge and everthing. It even came with a leash! They feed us and provide infinite snacks (well, they never have the yogurt I like... I know I know, first world problemz). The toilets even flush themselves--and not while I'm still sitting on them! It's pretty much insane. And it's halfway over.
  • Moving in with my boyfriend!
    In the proud tradition begun by KPd and TtQ, this actually happened somewhat gradually, as I decided that I liked his place better than mine. And then my lease ran out and I failed to find a sublet, and here I am. He's already packing to leave, as this only bought me a month and a half before his lease is up too.
  • Moving across the country!
    Also with my boyfriend. He's going in August to start a degree; I'm joining him in January after I finish mine. It's big, and exciting, and a little scary. If I'm really lucky, this internship will turn into a job. If it doesn't, I'll still have all of Silicon Valley to look around for one. We hope to have a garden and a garage full of bikes somewhere in the East Bay. After sharing a studio for the past two weeks, I'm also hoping to have at least 1.5 bathrooms, but that somehow still sounds way too grown-up for me.

Hoping at least somebody subsrcribes to this on an RSS reader so it isn't doomed to oblivion,

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  1. Yay for blogging!

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