Summer has finally... um... sprummered in New York. It's warm enough to wear a t-shirt and the weather is now a pretty constant chance of thunderstorms (rather than constant it's-absolutely-going-to-rain-don't-even-bother-drying-off-after-you-shower-this-morning, like it was for all of June). With this comes... the beach! This may be my most beachy summer yet—between Long Beach LI for the 4th of July, Cape May for Girls' Weekend, and Cape Cod for A's family reunion, I'll have hit the trifecta of weekend getaways in the Northeast. Too bad I'm a wimp about water and it's not yet September, and thus I have yet to get wet past my knees. But I've gotten plenty of sand and sun, so I'd say it's been a success.

Besides the beach, the summer has held a lot of computering. It's been good, especially with the nice window at my desk and the balcony outside the cafeteria so I don't become a pasty shut-in during the week.

Also, some things have happened in the world. I'm not sure what to make of Cheney's secret knowledge yet, and I'm still waiting for whatever dirt made Palin resign to come to light. There had better be some, and at this point it had better be good.

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