With apologies to bsom.

I like fall. The air is clean and crisp; there's still that association left over from the school calendar of new beginnings (new classes, new notebooks, etc.); the colors and clothes are by far the most awesome. There is also, of course, PPP, but that'll have to wait for another post. This one is about autumn in general, and specifically my last one.

I spent the past week riding my bike around New England. The region is, of course, known for its fall foliage. Only the very first few trees have started changing, but the air is already cool and school has begun (between snow and swine flu, they need to make sure they'll have enough time next spring to extend the school year if needed). The riding weather was perfect for all but one day, and that one day happened at just the right time, as it persuaded me to spend an extra day in North Adams and really look around at Mass MoCA.

This year has been pretty cool throughout. We've had very little unbearably hot weather in NYC. The same went for New England (though apparently the ocean up and down the eastern seaboard has had very high temperatures this summer). So despite the trip finishing before Labor Day, it felt like early fall.

And now Labor Day has passed and even NYU has begun again. I only have one class this year, and this fall is one of preparing to move to a new city. It's also one of saying goodbye to the northeastern four-season climate. San Francisco Bay is more of a wet/dry season place, and certainly has nothing resembling a New England fall. Lucky for me, it's the perfect weather for fall clothes and layering.

I'll be doing various things with the rest of my time--visiting people I haven't seen in too long; taking this last opportunity I'll have for a good long while to do something unrelated to my career (I'm currently thinking farming); thinking about and planning for the move. I should apply for some jobs too.

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