Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

After years of my on-again off-again relationship with Bikram Yoga (I'm sorry yoga, I didn't mean to be distant, life just got in the way, y'know?), I've decided I'm going to suck it up and do the 30 day challenge already. 30 classes, 30 days.

Tomorrow is my day to get some healthy food back in my body after PPP, and mentally prepare and all that. Then Tuesday is Day One. I'm also going to blog about it. I'll try to keep the posts interesting to non-Bikramophiles, as that's my main audience. But I can't do all the classes in one studio, so I probably won't even be eligible for the free month you usually get for completing the challenge.

I just went to my first class back after about three months away from it. It felt amazing, and I had one of those stellar first-day-back-in-a-while classes (no idea why that happens). And now I'm all kinds of sore, but I always liked that weary soreness that comes from a really good workout. By the end of the month, I won't be feeling that at all! But I'll hopefully be feeling all kinds of energy and health and good nights' sleeps.

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  1. Do keep us posted--this is one of those things that makes sense to those immersed in it, and remains vague and mysterious to those of us on the outside looking in.'

    I'll be vicariously yogaing with you.