Day 2, 3, 4

So I've been doing fine with the yoga, but not with the blogging about it. No worries, y'all would be bored with daily "today I got a really deep camel" or whatever. The second class was a bit tougher, but part of that was mental because I knew I had swim class afterward. Day three was great--I thought I'd be tired, because my legs were feeling weary after two days in a row plus painting plus swimming, but then it was great. I balanced better than most days and felt really good. Yesterday, day 4, I both sweat way more than usual--there was literally a puddle on my mat; I was worried I would drown during the posture that involves putting your face flat down on the mat--and I also had to pee a lot. Could I have drunk too much water? Doubtful, but oh man it was hard work.

About to head off to Day 5. Already looking forward to eating dinner afterward =)


  1. Shoot, the Norwegian messed me up....2nd attempt.

    For the naive in your blogging cloud, just what is a "really deep camel"?

  2. Oh, the point was to say something that nobody would understand, thus demonstrating how useless this blog will be to my readers if all I do is talk about the yoga part of it.

    But for the curious, camel is a back bend. You stand on your knees, and then put your hands on your lower back/butt to support you as you bend backwards. Once you've bent far enough, you move your hands down to your feet. Then you are essentially pulling your body away from your feet, but using your hands to keep yourself from flying forward. More here: Camel pose

    More about all of the postures here: 26 postures