So, it's been a while... I've actually been mildly busy! But haven't thought of much to say about what I've been up to. Oh but I did find this out:

My Boobies' Names Are: Thelma and Louise

So that's exciting. My boobs are badass. I just hope they don't drive me off a cliff... but armed robbery might be ok.

Saw the new school again today. It had more stuff going on, and the auditorium is really nice, but parts of it made me sneeze hardcore. Oh and the boys' locker room smells bad already (I figured, probably the only time I'd be allowed in was on the tour), and not in the paint-y way the rest of the school smells a little funny.

Tomorrow I go to get my eyes dilated--the doctor puts drops in so they can look real close at the retinae--so I'll be blind all day, even with my glasses on, but I do get funky dark sunglasses. Maybe when I go to Wes I'll wear them ironically. Feel free to call the home number and chat, as I'll not be able to read or watch tv or anything else visual for a while.

I've gotten mildly obsessed with a lot of new music: Modest Mouse (yeah yeah, I'm too late to be that hip for liking them, but when did I ever have cutting-edge music taste?), The Killerz (like i said... not cutting-edge. but it's damn catchy), The Streets, Green Day. I need money, so I can get cd's. I don't think this can wait till xmas. Oh I also hope to move out of my parents' house. But the apartment will need a soundtrack =D

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  1. Yay for visiting Wes! I hope you had a good trip home.

    People in this house are listening to new-old music as well. We had alternative night.. Everyone other than me confessed that they had listened to the same three bands and five songs from 1995, and seemed a bit embarassed. Which was silly.