wesleyan, aragorn, oh and pirates of course

last week saw a slew of ex-35 home-birthdays, and one of them i was close enough to go celebrate! i went on down to m-town to have myself a time, and to see as many fellow wesers as possible in under 24 hours. so first we got to surprise elach with a party! which is always fun. there was cake and ice cream and lots of pink. and lots of catching up with some fellow '04-ers.

then it was on to gin and tectonics, which was attended by two other sketchy alumni (one of Team Sketchy Alumni fame), although one or both of them may actually also be grad students. floored ngold; due to the surprise nature of the b-day party i hadn't been able to tell many people i'd be around. but, turns out, it rawks to surprise people with my presence! or they were faking it and only pretended to be happy to see me... i'm hoping the first tho, cuz it rawked to see all of you! woot!

thursday, i went to the campus center lunch (ah, the good old days) and saw lots more peeps. and got a burrito, also like the good old days. course, i'd forgotten that the onions are damn strong, so it was extra spicy. after lunch, got to see the rest of the 19 fountain crew cuz bcod took a sick day. hope y'alls are feeling healthier! and that your simcities are prospering... or burning down in a robot invasion-volcano-earthquake-related disaster, depending on what you intended...

so then on friday, KPd came up! woot! after an insane busride that she'll probably post about herself, she arrived and we watched viva la bam and other crassness, before resting for weekend awesomeness! like...

going to the lord of the rings exhibit at the museum of science and entertainment (formerly, and officially, the museum of science)! there were costumes! and armor! and the one ring (actually kinda unimpressive)! and scale models! and... a place where kp and i got spliced into a shot so that she was hobbit-sized and i was wizard-sized, and vice versa! i'd have pictures, but they cost extra, so we just played for free. and... GANDALF'S SWORD! or, a replica that we got to hold, with gloves on.

sunday we saw the sadownik for lots of leftover kosher food (bagels and hallah and kugel--oh my! and yummy!) and catching up. and stories. kp and ss are the masters, after all.

so today, i started my job! well, kind of. i filled out all the paperwork and tax forms. tomorrow i start for real. oh, by the way, i got jobs! most of y'alls know already, but yeah. i'm working at lincoln extended-day activities program (aka LEAP. formerly lincoln everyday afterschool program, back when i was getting the acronym wrong) on tuesday wednesday friday. i'm helping out at an office in town on monday thursday; i start that one on thursday. woot to jobs! and to getting paid! which won't happen for a couple weeks cuz i just missed the pay cycle, but whatev. soon i'll be rollin' in it. and by rollin' in it, i mean i'm still not making enough to survive on my own. maybe nyc pays better...

yesterday i found out that the movie hero i am is...


... turns out having no work to put off doesn't prevent finding fun new online quizzes.


  1. I love how to describe your sleeping arrangements, you say simply "floored ngold", and then just continue on with your sentence. :) Random adults who we don't know wouldn't even know what that was talking about.

    Hobbits and wizards, oh my. Good times. But in the bigger picture, it's too bad about the MOS going downhill. It always seemed to me like one long decline, though maybe I always just want to remember it like it was from when I was four. Ever since they got rid of the Leonard ("he grew up three blocks from here") Nimoy soundcheck, I just dunno about that place.

    ("how about 36 slight projectors?" .. "good enough.. but not for this show.")

    Congrats on getting the second job, too. Let's see, three days plus two days, that's full time! Rocktastic.


  2. that's *slide* projectors, not "slight" projectors.

    hmm, it's getting late.

    speaking of which, that paper I should be working on..


  3. oh, i meant i surprised naomi... i crashed at becca's, but naomi was at gin and tectonics. sorry if that was confusing...

    and yeah, wtf? leonard nimoy was the best part of the omni! oh and i meant to add that later this fall (nov/dec?) there's a star wars MoS exhibit and y'alls should come visit and we can go. oh and that visitors are welcome any time. except this coming weekend.

    i *wish* i was working full time between the two jobs... i'm only working 4 to 6 hours a day, so it's still pretty far from full time. but i might get a third job...