woman would be proud

i gave my first eyewash today! i haven't actually been first-aid trained yet (hm, i meant to ask about that today), but at leap they had this cool thing that fits right over the eye and you stick some water in and the kid tilts their head back and it rinses out the whole area. so when this kindergardener got herself pepper-sprayed (and by pepper-sprayed i mean another kid threw some dirt in her eye) i helped her out while someone else tried to get the other kid to own up.

overall, leap is really fun. pretty laid back as always, and the k-2's are so cute! plus today i got a babysitting gig too (oh yeah, i got lots of networking). woot to under-the-table income.

tomorrow i start the other job, helping to organize an office. not in the cool organized labor way--that'd be difficult as i'll be the office's second employee, including the owner of the company. i'll just be helping to neaten up the cabinets.

then on friday i go to indiana to visit the little bro. at school. woot!

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