so it finally happened. i can't be-fucking-lieve it. nor can i put into words how exciting it is. obviously i mean the sox winning the world series. so amazing. so so great. so so so exciting. (lol, anyone ever played that game 'ha'?)

anyhoo, so i watched at least part of all 4 games. somewhat anticlimactic, but i did have enough heart attacks during the alcs. after the sox lost their 3rd game, i started planning out this whole 'what it means to be a sox fan' thing about the constant disappointment and the always spectacular losses. it was the one thing i could look forward to when i was so sure they'd lose in the only way worse than last year (the end-of-game aaron boone home run)--a sweep by the yankees. i kept thinking of things to add, about expecting and kind of relishing the pain and disappointment. and then... they won. so, you all miss out on what i'm sure would have been a heartfelt, yet still sarcastic and hopefully amusing post. but, never hearing the chant '1918' again is worth it. for real, i don't even know what to say.

luckily, i didn't have to say anything. i had the excuse of having laryngitis since tuesday, and am just getting over it now. for once my horribly sore throat (it hurt worse than any sore throat i've ever had, and i've had a lot) was not strep. so after the culture came back negative i figured it was viral and i'd have to wait it out. then it started constricting my throat and it was only getting worse, so i saw the doctor again (ok the first time was just a throat culture with a nurse; she didn't even take my temperature! but any trip to the office feels like a much bigger deal now that i have no insurance) and she said it wasn't strep but it is bacterial, and even after the first dose i could feel the amoxicilin working. so, woot! i can kinda talk again! and i might even get to put in one day of work this week! so exciting...

i'm still going to the concert this weekend, don't get me wrong. and i'm stopping at wes on the way down, but will not be going crazy like a certain other visit to wes. i may stop for lunch on the way back up, but seeing as my favorite little bro is visiting this weekend i want to get home early enough to see him at least for a couple hours. if only i could go to the victory parade... who knew? oh plus, the parade was supposed to be tomorrow (friday) after a 4-game sweep, not saturday, but no they had to go change their plans... well, there will be more parades =D and maybe we'll get opening day tickets =D

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