um... thank you, jaye pahkre?

so apparently, this blog is a publicly traded commodity. now, being rather anti-capitalist myself, one might think this is a problem. actually, i think it's kinda cool. if... weird. i mean, it's only *virtual* money. but right now badass title's valuation is B$6,254.07. i think the B means not real money, but i wish it meant billion. especially if i got to see some of that cash. i mean, usually, company owners see some of the profit... then again, what do i know about the stock exchange? oh besides that one time rage against the machine shut it down for about 10 mins. with the help of michael moore while shooting a music video. now that really is badass.

* name changed to protect the touchy

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  1. please remove my name from this post.

    jay parkhe