WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!(RLD SERIES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This has been an amazing week. And I must say, being in the greater Boston area for a series is so much better than M-town. No offense, and I still can't wait to come down this weekend, but there's just something great about everyone at work wearing their caps, and talking about the games all the time, and getting to see the huge street party outside Fenway Pahk on the news for an hour after the game (until the Daily Show round 2... speaking of which, they had an amazing bit about the Sox and the "curse" on monday).

So everyone at work is exhausted, and I will be too. But it's well worth it.

So on Saturday Sadownik and Elach and I went to Open Studios in Boston, where all these artists living in Southie let you into their apartment/studios to see their work and talk about it and stuff. There was such amazing stuff. Wicked expensive, but amazing nonetheless. I wanted cheap replicas.

Also, WFNX had the following Top 5 at 9 last night (Tuesday night):

5. Coin-operated Boy by Dresden Dolls
4. Against All Odds by Postal Service
3. Underwear Goes Inside the Pants by Lazy Boy
2. Mr. Brightside by Killers
1. Tessie by Dropkick Murphys

This made me very very happy. Especially b/c it caught me offguard by being on the radio when I got in the car. CoB sounds so much better on a real stereo than on my dinky computer speaker. Even better live, but whatev.

So I can't wait to see y'alls down at Wes this weekend! It'll be a blast! From the past! Kinda... I'm checking out that street medic movie that I hear I have a starring role in... ok it's a walk-on, but still. I get to check out these squat courts while I'm at it so that's kinda exciting. After that, who knows? But I'd love to watch Game 1 on Saturday before el partay. Woot! See y'alls soon!


  1. congrats on the game, but i heard the boston riot cops killed someone? or something along the lines of "a woman was killed in a clash between celebrating sox fans and cops in riot gear." that sucks...

  2. yup. 21-year-old student. got shot in the eye with what sounds like a pepper ball. here's the story. sigh. it's funny; i wasn't afraid of going to the rnc but now i'm afraid to be at a bar in boston (or, a bah) for any of the games. not that i go to bahs much anyway, but i thought it might be fun to watch a game in one, seeing as the only thing harder than coming back from an 0-3 deficit is getting tickets to world series games.
    anyhoo, see ya tomorrow!