50 years may be enough, but one weekend isn't

Werd, anyone wanna come visit me next? Like the end of winter break, for those who were there, only in summer. This time there are such attractions as the pond, the trampoline, and cooling breezes (I can't say honestly that they are cool, but cooling... if that makes any sense...). Oh and hiking. I dunno, whatev... comment or email. You could even call (ooh... how novel)...

Anyhoo, that's about it... gonna try to learn how to actually post things onto my .web.wesleyan space, and hopefully put pictures up there soon. Might try to learn fancy stuff like javascript too, we'll see...

Oh and on the getting over Nomar being traded front... at least now my Red Sox t-shirt is vintage... =)


  1. I WANT TO COME!! too bad i am so far away. and that it's not ovaltine season anymore

  2. it is *always* ovaltine season... milk comes cold too, ya know =)
    i could get up to 3 people from and to new haven (maybe 4 in one direction), not that new haven is that much closer to dc...

  3. when would this be? I think my plans are pretty much set through the beginning of school. the only free time I might possibly have is after I register for classes (Sept. 1) and before classes start (labor day, whatever date that is). it might be squeezing in a lot, though, and I'll see you in new york for the RNC, right?

  4. hells yeah... i just watched SWAT, and totally got a hard-on for some blow-striking... because one extra was wearing a bandana... i guess it's been a while

    yeah i realized you'll probably not be around... well, seeing as i have no job yet, i might still be here when you are at wes with your cars (who knows, maybe my room will even be clean by then)