If I didn't know better I'd say he was throwing double-intenuendres my way...

... it's enough to make any woman heteronausic.
It's been a day full of heat-beating, and an evening of laughs (like NBC always advertises but fails to deliver)
So I actually started looking for a job (woo Idealist!), and got my mom watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so as far as productiveness today was totally successful.
Then it was hot. So we went to the pond (no, not a hip unknown town swimming hole... this one has a membership fee. But I still love it. Yeah, I'm a spoiled brat). According to my little bro, the 82-dergee water was "frigid."
Then The Daily Show rocked, as evidenced by the following aim conversation:
ae... (1:11:01 AM): i laughed my ass off
ae... (1:11:09 AM): and the interview was amazing
rLc... (1:11:11 AM): the interview was amazing
rLc... (1:11:14 AM): lol
ae... (1:11:15 AM): lol
ae... (1:11:18 AM): jinx!
rLc... (1:11:19 AM): jinx...
ae... (1:11:22 AM): well
ae... (1:11:23 AM): fuck
The interview really was amazing. Jon Stewart gave the guy the shovel to just keep digging himself a bigger and bigger hole... I mean, who would ever think Kerry is further left than Ted Kennedy anyway? Even better, I thought, was the interview with the Florida guy who claimed to be homonausic (in case anyone was wondering where this installment's opening comes from... it's a direct Samantha Bee quote. I may be clever, but I'm not that clever).
Now The Princess Bride is on, which is always a good thing. So, all in all, a good day. Woot.


  1. (I know I said I was going to bed. But I will soon, really.)

    I mentioned to Beth today that I'm lucky my friends are dorky enough to think that staying in on friday night to watch the daily show's coverage of the DNC was the only real option we had, despite the fact that we were in NYC for the weekend. As she pointed out, "If your friends were cool, they wouldn't be friends with you."

    But my real point is that not only were my friends dorky enough to watch the daily show friday night, you're also posting on your blogs about it. we pretty much rock, huh?

  2. ... and blogging about blogging, as somebody (one of you livejournal folks i think) has already discussed as well...

    tho, when you're broke in nyc, what other options are there than watching tv?

  3. << tho, when you're broke in nyc, what other options are there than watching tv? >>

    Blogging. (?)