remind me never to go ice climbing in the andes

one might think there's a lot to catch up on since my last post.
one would be mistaken.
helped drive my grandparents to york, maine on sunday. if i ever can't walk without a walker but refuse to use one anyway, somebody please smack me.
anyhoo, that evening went to dinner with the same crowd from the wedding, minus a few i guess. and dinner was a tur-duck-en! i don't think it was deep fried, but it was tasty. there was also much wine and champagne, and a half-assed (in a fun way) game of taboo.
yesterday... well, i meant to do stuff, but didn't. besides trade friendster testimonials and join thefacebook (like an elitist, but also faster, version of friendster). it was a pretty dork-tastic evening.
oh but i did play around on the guitar for the first time in ages.
today i biked over to the pond and went swimming, then cooked tofu for dinner. it was pretty wes-tastic, only in lincoln instead of middletown. and this pond doesn't have leeches.
also, we watched Touching the Void this dramatization/documentary about a couple of guys who almost died while ice climbing in peru. really good, and really intense. i recommend.

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