Ooh, democracy in action

So my parents threw this little letter-writing shindig, where people came over and signed, personalized, and addressed letters to single low-income unregestered-to-vote mothers in swing states (who knows how Mainstreet Moms Opposing Bush got that list), telling them to vote for Kerry and including all the forms needed to register to vote. It was supposed to be this one mother to another dealie--just don't tell the recipients I'm not actually a mother (the fathers attending got to fold, stamp, and seal). Fox25 wanted to do a story on it; their phone call to one of the other organizers went something like this:

F25: Hi, is there a Bush-bashers meeting tonight?
Organizer's son: No clue. Here's my mom...
F25: Is there a meeting tonight?
O: I'm sure there are many meetings tonight all over the country.
F25: Are you having a meeting tonight?
O: Yes.
F25: ... So... There's no story?
O: There's no story.
I guess some kinds of media attention only hurt the cause...

But there were great opportunities for networking! (Oooh... networking...) I was sitting next to a fellow Wes Alum ('94) all evening who almost overnight got super-involved with the Kerry campaign, so then Steve (family friend) starts talking me up, and so she and I exchange emails (I never said I did the networking... but I'm getting better at it, I swear!). So, yeah, exciting.

So there was lots of democracy happening. It made me go all tingly. Or all the writing made my hand go a little tingly... but still. There was definite tingling. (Who knew politics could sound so dirty...)

Also today I signed up for Monster.com. This job thing is moving right along, I'm totally turning the corner. And I worked for a couple hours on my EuroTrip '04 photo site, only to not be able to publish it. I really have to call HelpDesk about that... If they took my webspace away just because I graduated, I'll be pissed... So photos will take a little more time, but are on their way I swear.

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  1. photos are here!

    but... slowly. i'm trying to find a better way to put them up, without paying for webspace. until then you can check here (also in my links section) to see a selection of pics from the trip.