'you can't say nuclear, that really scares me...'

Things that rock (in nearly chronological order):
  • Edwards's speech
  • Kerry's speech
  • The Daily Show
  • seeing the gang again--woot!
  • burritos
  • my new t-shirt that says nothing but "November 2" (thanks beth!)
  • the critical mass-ers (critical massholes?), especially those wicked tall bikes
  • Coney Island!
  • funnel cakes
  • the beach
  • JibJab
  • Ben's b-day bash!
  • alliteration
  • cheap diner food
  • the chill as spot by the red lighthouse

things that suck (in no particular order)
  • This
  • hot, sticky, muggy, windless city air
  • seeing such a rawktastic weekend end

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